Christine’s Dream: A Memoir of Love, Loss & Life is my coming of age story. Growing up in Brooklyn’s Breukelen projects, I didn’t grasp how, Christine, my mom struggled to raise me. When I asked for toys, she’d often say, “That’s too expensive. I put food on the table.” But her dream for me to be a college graduate is an off chance sort of like my contact with my father. When she asks, Jamel to be a father, he says,If he’s anything like me, he’ll be alright.” And when she decides to return to college for, “Good jobs are scarce” – a car crash ended her life and injured my baby sister. At fourteen years old, I’m left to grapple my life – separated from my sister and living with my retired Granddad. –  Coming Soon

Our Son: A play  portrays the marriage of the Johnsons, a young Caribbean family living in Queens, New York. Ayana, an assistant principal, has put her career on hold to be a full time mother. But when Cornell, an aspiring chef, reveals his struggle to raise their adopted Caucasian son, their marriage is left in jeopardy.  – Available Upon Request 

A Walk Through Brooklyn JPEG FC

A Walk Through Brooklyn was an amazing read, Allen writes in such a way that truly allows his readers to feel as if they are in the poems themselves. I felt as if I relived a parts of my own life, having experienced similar situations, having grown up without a father around, and having family members on drugs, Allen brought all these touching issues to life. This book is truly inspiring, even to see how he turned all or these real life experiences into something so positive, makes me want to push for more in life. – T.L. Out Now

In The Moment Cover Finally 2

In The Moment will appeal to your emotions in a manner that will keep you incessantly intrigued. The viewpoint of the author is almost uncomfortably honest, while maintaining a sense of innocence that allows the reader to relate to the various “moments” that each poem illustrates. In this one, 50-page compilation, I experienced insight, awe, inspiration, heartbreak, and bliss. – Leann Out Now

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