Layers Of Love – A Wonder Of The World

He doesn’t take the time to know you

Like the way you dress is a reflection of your mood

Draped in gray is a day hearing

“I love you” is more than words

Like your beauty is more than physical

Your vibration is magic

To be in sync

Is to hear your heart beat as a melody

Not even Beats By Dre can pick up the tune

He’d rather not pick up your call

Send emoji filled texts

Like just type what you want to tell me

But he doesn’t understand the context

To think like a woman

Act like a queen

Is more than daddy issues

Or being too emotional

Like a relationship is more than sex

He thought going down on you was really a big step

You needed him to step up

From a boy to a man

Less Netflix and chill

More empire building

Umpire like communication

So scandals are no more than a ladies’ night

You gave him chance after chance after chance

But this wasn’t a game of craps

Your hopes and dreams

Are worth more than a diamond ring

Leave ‘em

He doesn’t deserve


A wonder of the world.

Rashaun J. Allen (@rashaunjallen) is a MFA in Creative Writing and Literature candidate at SUNY Stony Brook, where he is working on Christine’s Dream – A Memoir of Love, Loss & Life. He is the author of  A Walk Through Brooklyn & In The Moment and has been featured in The South Hampton Review. Find more of his work at

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