Ra’s Village Is Still Needed

Hey Peeps,

If you’re reading this blog post you’re one of the few people who are subscribed exclusively to rashaunjallen.com. I consider you all my first and oldest writing supporters. This blog has existed, evolved, and at sometimes stalled since 2015, but with 50 posts in its a site to behold. And guess what, I want to keep it going and I’m reaching out to you for help!

Writing demands more of me to strive in it as a career. And, I’m stuck juggling (losing at times and winner at moments) adjuncting courses at multiple colleges more so than being totally engaged in everything writing. (And this is before the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic!)

Still, I need my village and have started a Patreon page to gather as much help financially as possible. I went back and forth for months about if I should even start one. Why? There are many other investments personal and philanthropic I’m sure you all can make. But then I remembered some of the most successful artists from N.K. Jemisin to Issa Rae has anchored their artistic careers with a Patreon page.

To keep this brief, at least check out my video below and my Patreon page here and if you can support great, you’ll be getting exclusive access to my writing and process, if not maybe you can pass it along to someone who can.




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